YS-28 Modfied(Quick)Glyceride
Colorless, transparent, odorless oily liquid, slightly soluble in water, freely soluble in alcohol. Its other properties are similar to those of glyceryl triacetate.
Molecular Formula:(CH3CO)·O(CH2)2O·(CH2)2O·(CH2)2O·(OCCH3)
Quality Index Q/320282NPL:
Industrial Grades
Chroma (Pt-Co)
Similar to glyceride
Prepared according to customers' requirements
Free Acid(calculated as acetic acid)%
Moisture Content %
Arsenic (As)%
Heavy Metal(Calculated as Pb)%
Ash %
Uses and Characteristics:
This product is a plasticizing agent for acetyl cellulose filter tip of cigarette composed of various active groups without toxicity. Compared with glyceryl triacetate, it has the advantages of short solidifying time, low dosage, good penetrability, affinity and diffusibility.
Our company has been put into the industrialized production in 1998 with the annual manufacturing capacity of 2,000 tons. Through the use the various cigarette manufacturers and cigarette-material manufacturer, it is proved this product is a high-efficiency, high quality auxiliary material for filter tip.
Use Methods:
The dosage can be adjusted within the range of 8-10%(W/W). As the practical use, it is recommended that the dosage be a little lower than glyceryl triacetate.
Package and storage:
Packed in glass or iron drum and stored in the hermetically sealed condition.
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